National Folk Festival 2022 – Shiny Bum Singers Homecoming

The Shiny Bum Singers are excited to announce they will be performing at NFF 2022.
Yes, the Bums are back! We’re “coming home” to where it all began at the National Folk Festival.

More details will follow, but we can confirm that there will be a BOOK LAUNCH at NFF2022.
Working For Clowns is a follow-up volume to the much loved OmniBum.

Lyrics – There’s No Paper Here

In these “interesting times” we are always looking for innovative ways to keep in touch.
We are pleased to share the lyrics of a new Shiny Bums song.
Please enjoy:
There’s No Paper Here“.
Remember: A parody a day keeps the doctor away.

Shiny Bums help to launch The Artists Shed

The Shiny Bum Singers perform at the launch of local artist (and Shiny Bum Singer!) Margaret Hadfield’s new art space the “Artists Shed” on 16 June 2019.
Margaret has been singing with the group for almost a year and was very keen to have them at the opening – a huge crowd there and a great success! The Artists Shed is at 88 Wollongong Street Fyshwick and has multiple galleries, exhibitions and art classes. More info at The Artists Shed – Facebook

Selfie Bums


Performing Bums


Crown Lore (AH-EE-OO-AH !!!)

Ten Bum salute …

Vale Kerry Kennedy

Kerry Kennedy, a member of the Shiny Bum Singers, has sadly passed away on 10 April 2019 after a short illness.

Kerry is an unimaginable loss.  He was a good friend to many and very considerate of others, and gave a lot of his time in recent years to the Shiny Bum Singers while enjoying retirement.

He will be greatly missed.  We already miss him for all he contributed to the Shiny Bums – to keep us at our best and to keep us in line!

Donna O’Brien OAM

Our very own Donna O’Brien awarded the Order of Australia Medal.

  1. See Donna’s citation in the 2019 Australia Day Honours list.
    (Search the PDF for “Donna” or scroll down to page 50.)
  2. Watch Donna’s investiture ceremony:
    (Fast forward to the 33 minute mark.)

Well done, Donna !