The Shiny Bum Singers are back at The Loaded Dog, this time performing one of their musicals “Rampant Bureaucracy” – a re-enactment of an important time in the political life of MP Wally Doodle leading up to a recent Federal election.  It tells a story of a failed government program complete with political grandstanding, officious advisers, hard-working bureaucrats, consultants, cover-ups and whistleblowing!
The Bums have been performing at The Dog since 2000 and very much enjoy the venue, the hospitality and great audience participation!  This will be their 11th appearance there.


The Shiny Bum Singers rehearsing their popular musical Rampant Bureaucracy for The Loaded Dog gig while, at the same time, working hard on shining those bums (it’s the kind of professionalism that audiences really appreciate).

All sorted comrade

Pollie Wally Doodle, thank you very much

Word Is To The Minister Gone

All Through The Night